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We pride ourselves in our work and strive to give our customers the best service.  Servicing your needs in the Orange County and Los Angeles County area. 
  1. Organizational Culture Development
    Are there issues with employee engagement, productivity, motivation, and/or commitment? Organizational culture may be the culprit and is at the core of performance. It dictates how people behave based on shared beliefs and assumptions. By not having the current culture aligned with a preferred culture, or by not being aware of what kind of culture is perceived by the employees, will cause problems.
  2. Team Development
    In today's workplace, there is greater emphasis on working in highly productive teams. However, many times these teams do not function too well. A key factor is that teams are affected by each individual's behavior and personality. By knowing your team and how each member functions can greatly improve collaboration. We can assess your team and help create solutions to current issues.
  3. Leadership Development
    Whether you are looking to be a leader or just to develop some leadership skills for yourself or others, we got you covered. Leaders are the life source of an organization and employees will mirror what their leaders portray. By taking our assessments, clients will learn more about what kind of leader they are and how to develop the necessary skills to be a greater influence within their organization.
  4. Assessment Tools
    We provide a variety of assessment tools to meet your needs. - Organizational Culture Assessment Inventory (OCAI) - Connective Leadership Institute Assessments - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
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