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     In her free time, Vanessa enjoys doing different activities with her fiancé such as going to church, visiting museums, playing board games, and building Legos. On her own she enjoys reading articles and books to keep her knowledge current and fresh.
     Her educational background includes a B.S. in Finance with a psychology minor from Azusa Pacific University. She is a Certified Associate of the Connective Leadership Institute and is about to finish her M.S. in Organizational Psychology at Azusa Pacific University. 
Strengths: Futuristic | Competition | Strategic | Command | Deliberative (StrengthsFinder©2017)

Myers-Briggs: ENTJ

Achieving Styles Leadership Inventory (ASI): Power | Intrinsic | Competitive | Vicarious
Vanessa Garcia, CLI-CA
Consultant, Co-founder
" Anything is possible for the one who believes. 
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